Onsite Visit With Sam!

Let's Arrange A Visit With Sam At Your Place!

I'm so excited to visit with you and hear all about what's going on in your life! How about we book some time to go over your hopes, dreams and desires ~ you put the kettle on, and I'll be there ok! This consult will complete within 30 days of booking ~ I will connect with you to arrange a mutually agreeable time.
  • Our Work Together

    The One-on-One with Sam at your place is perfect as a new 'get to know each other' time, a 'review of your home or workspace' and a private One-on-One with Sam regarding your BaZi. Totally your call, on where our discussion takes us.
  • What's On Your Mind...?

  • Please give me a basic direction of what you wish to achieve during our time together
  • Section Break

    I understand QiPro Sam will connect with me to arrange a One-on-One Checkin call, based on our existing client relationship. I understand the conversation is subject to my own interpretation & application. Samantha Plovie & QiPro Sam are not responsible or liable for any damage, loss of property, harm or personal injury, resulting from this consult.
    I consent to the transmission and storage of the information I have inserted into this consult request form.
    I understand Sam will contact me to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time ~ within 30 days of this online request. Submission of this form provides Samantha Plovie of QiPro Sam with a $25 non-refundable deposit.
  • Payment & Order

  • Price: $ 150.00 CAD
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